We Dreamed of You.

Music and Lyrics By Devon Plumley©

Verse One
We were traveling down the road of life
When we learned that we would have a child
Emotions overwhelmed us,
Surprise, turned to love and joy.

Verse Two
Plans were made for your arrival,
We changed the house around to suit your needs.
We made space for your crib, soft toys, for everything,
We’d bought for you.

We wanted you.
We dream about you
Sweet child of ours
We’ll pray for you.
And everyday you are in me,
I love you so much
Sweet child of ours,
We’ll pray for you.

Verse Three
Then the time went by so slowly,
I felt you grow and move inside of me.
Each day that you were in me,
I prayed for you.


Verse Four
Then that day arrived, I’ll never forget,
When we learned that we would lose you.
I can’t explain, how I felt at that time,
But I just cried.

I love you so much,
Sweet child of ours,
We pray for you.

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